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In sales, you can throw darts at the board and hope to get a sale, or you can look at things differently and shoot with a less obvious strategy. Most people want the Bullseye, not realizing that a Triple 20 scores more points. By aiming slightly off-center, targeting something others are not looking at, you get a better return. It is the same in sales.

Many leaders of entrepreneurial companies often struggle to build sales traction for innovative new products and services, not fully appreciating that different types of innovation require different strategic approaches.

By setting an alternative strategy and concentrating your sales efforts where other companies are not, you maximize the impact of your resources. We help you hit the mark.

Triple20 helps your company:

  • Develop a proven,  repeatable sales process.
  • Target the right prospects.
  • Ensure consistently high levels of sales activities.
  • Set clear performance tracking metrics.
  • Improve your win rate with ongoing sales process refinement.

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