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There are a couple ways to approach sales. You can just throw darts at the board and hope to get a sale, or you can look at things differently and shoot with a less obvious strategy. Most people want the bullseye, and in darts that is worth 50 points. Yet a Triple 20 is worth 60 points, so by aiming slightly off-center, targeting something others are not looking at, you get a better return.

Sales is the same game. By taking a different approach, setting an alternative strategy, and focusing where other companies are not, you maximize the impact of your resources. We help you hit the mark.

The benefits include:

Triple20 (5)

Improve the Team

Creating a proven sales process that improves all salespeople
Triple20 (8)

Robust Systems

Creating a lead scoring and pipeline management system
Triple20 (6)

Stable Process

Reducing dependence upon your star performers because the process is repeatable
Triple20 (9)

Boost Conversions

Using technology best practices to increase conversions and lower sales costs
Triple20 (7)

Get Value Fast

Simplifying the onboarding of new sales reps to make them productive more quickly
Triple20 (10)


Focusing on individualized salesperson coaching rather than general sales training


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