Sales Growth Through Process Improvement, Training and Coaching

What's a Triple 20?

The highest score possible with three darts is 180, obtained when all three darts land in the triple 20. This is not the obvious strategy and quite different from targeting the bullseye all the time.

The Triple 20 Approach

Upgrading your sales team can be expensive, disruptive, and painful. We approach improvement by examining the sales process and finding cost-effective ways to improve predictability.

How You Benefit

You get a repeatable sales process that brings consistency and visibility to your sales pipeline. Plus through the process, your existing team will improve to become great salespeople!

Our experience has shown that modest refinements in your sales strategy and process are all it will take to create an environment where good sales people can become great sales people.

If your sales growth is not where it needs to be, odds are that the problem resides in one or more of these areas.
• Targeted Prospecting
• Consistent Outreach & Sales Activity
• Effective Use of Technology
• Thorough Discovery
• Tight Alignment of the Sales Process with the Buying Journey
We start with your sales process to ensure that your sales team is working within a repeatable framework.  Then we layer on sales training depending on the specific needs of the individual.
That’s how we help you consistently hit the mark.

Triple 20 helps small businesses analyze their sales practices and identify low-friction ways to increase their close rates.

Triple20-Jeff (3)

Jeff Burnett

Jeff has extensive sales and sales management experience working with established Wall Street firms, emerging companies, and startups.  He held direct sales roles with companies in the software (SaaS), information services, and risk management businesses, and has deep expertise in the financial services industry.  Jeff has proven success working with early stage companies to implement a sales processes, gain initial reference clients, and build a sales organization. He also brings a strong background in the capital markets business as a former investment analyst, research director, and securities principal in a broker-dealer.


B.A. University of Richmond
M.B.A., Wake Forest University


david stevens

David Stevens

David has extensive sales and sales management experience working with companies in the software (SaaS), network infrastructure, and cybersecurity industries.  David previously held direct sales roles with established companies like ForeScout, Juniper Networks, and Cisco Systems and sales leadership roles with emerging companies like Verato and Intersource.  Accordingly, David has extensive experience with complex sales of technical products involving many disparate stakeholders that sometimes have competing agendas. David understands how to help companies build a sales process that delivers results in this type of complex selling environment.



B.S. United States Naval Academy
M.B.A., Duke University


Continuous Training Yields
50% Higher Net Sales
Per Employee
(Source: American Society of Training and Development)
Increasing client retention
by as little as 5% can boost
profits by as much as 95%.
(Source: Bain & Company)
Nurtured leads make
47% larger purchases
than non nurtured leads.
(Source: Annuitas Group)
Only 33% of a sales rep's time
is spent actively selling.
(Source: CSO Insights)

Energy & persistence conquer all things.

-Ben Franklin


Baltimore, MD
Vienna, VA


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