An Analytical Approach to Sales Management

B2B Marketing Strategies

What’s the right way to market to millennials? That depends on whether your company has a B2C or B2B focus.
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Six Strategies for Creating Digital Content that Engages Prospects

Buyers are making more purchasing decisions online, so here are six strategies for creating content that sells.
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Many small companies don’t invest the necessary resources they should in sales management, which makes it considerably more difficult to scale the business.
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5 Key Tactics For Marketing To Millennials

B2B marketing to Millennials is very different than traditional marketing. If you don’t know the right strategies, you’ll miss out on a huge demographic. Here’s what you need to know.
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Do You Know your Win Rate?

Nearly 60% of sales opportunities end in “No Decision” according to Sales Benchmark Index. Perhaps the figure is half as much in your company, but odds are that it is higher than the percentage of deals lost to your leading competitor. “No Decision” means that the prospect has decided not to purchase at the time…
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Three Resources for Effective Discovery

A serial entrepreneur we work with once said that the best salespeople understand that it is more important to be interested than to be interesting. That was echoed in this article by Walker McKay, a sales trainer with a refreshingly candid style that he shows here. A genuine interest and an intellectual curiosity are essential…
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It’s Not About Working Harder

Almost every company has one or two salespeople who are not meeting expectations. All of us have probably even been ‘that guy’ at one point. Rarely is it a case of just working harder because most people who gravitate to sales have a strong work ethic. Doubling down on a failing strategy doesn’t change the…
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What’s Your Pivot Point?

The Pivot Point is that one central theme, or key attribute of a company’s product or service around which the branding strategy, product strategy, and sales strategy revolve.  That may sound simple but it is imperative to get it right as Tungsten Branding explains on their Brilliant Branding podcast. Great brands have four key elements according to Tungsten.  They are clear,…
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Two Strategies for Minimizing Objections

It takes a considerable amount of work to get to a sales conversation, some say as many as 6 to 8 quality interactions with a prospect, and it has been said that the buyer is 60% through the decision journey before they even talk with a sales rep. With that as a backdrop, you would think…
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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.



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