An Analytical Approach to Sales Management

What’s Your Pivot Point?

The Pivot Point is that one central theme, or key attribute of a company’s product or service around which the branding strategy, product strategy, and sales strategy revolve. If the message is not clear, concise, consistent, and compelling, then the impact is lost.
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Two Strategies for Minimizing Objections

It takes a ton of work to get to a sales conversation, perhaps as many as 6 to 8 quality interactions with a prospect. So, why don’t sales reps spend more time anticipating potential objections that might derail all that hard work?
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Why an Outsourced Sales Manager is a Smart Investment

In small companies, CEOs often make the best salespeople because they know the product so well, but it’s unrealistic to think that a CEO can manage the sales team effectively and advance the business. For small companies, an outsourced sales manager can be an attractive alternative.
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What to Expect with A Fractional Sales Manager

As sales traction builds, the founder often becomes the sales manager by default.  That’s an important job, but business owners are typically too busy running the company to be an effective sales manager, and the company may not need a full-time sales manager. Here’s another option.
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Chasing Stars: Are Sales Skills Portable?

In his book, Chasing Stars, Boris Groysberg analyzes the portability of leadership performance when one company poaches a star performer from another company. Clearly there are lessons to be drawn from Professor Groysberg’s work that apply to hiring salespeople.
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Take Time to Design a Clear Sales Process

Spend time in a business incubator and it quickly becomes apparent that most entrepreneurs don’t invest enough time thinking through how they intend to bring their product to market.
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Does the Buyer have a Reason for Change?

The sales process starts when the prospect recognizes that there is a problem they can’t afford to live with, and you might be able to help. That’s just the beginning.
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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.



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